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Rare PS2 Games – Rez

April 26th, 2010 by admin

This was a post on my old games blog, but due to its popularity, I’ve moved it here:

Rare PS2 Game Rez

Rare PS2 Game Rez

Usually when people think of rare video games, they think of those obscure Atari titles like Miner 2049er, or Tooth Protectors – or maybe some of their favorite SNES games like Super Mario RPG, or Earthbound. It’s easy forget that even some of the more recent games can end up becoming rare and very hard to find.

I give you exhibit A: Rez. Rez was created by United Game Artists and realeased by Sega in 2001 for the Dreamcast and PS2. It was only available in the US for playstation.
Rez is an on-rails shooter with the premise that you are hacking into a computer. It’s an amazing game with a great techno beat that you interact with everytime you press a button. That’s right, your gameplay actually affects the soundtrack. The visuals are very geometric and have a Tron feel to them. Overall the game is unique experience, which has probably led to it’s collectability. Believe it or not a “Trance Vibrator” accessory was released for the game.┬áThe exact purpose of the peripheral was not made clear, but I think a lot of female gamers have put it to good use.

Rare PS2 Game Rez

Full Rez bundle with trance vibrator - RAREIn 2008, Rez HD was realeased for Xbox Live Arcade. Rez used to fetch an easy $60, but has dropped some, probably due to the Xbox release. It can be had now for as little as $20 on ebay, the Trance Vibrator can be found there as well, for around $35. Recently, the bit.trip series has been released on wii ware, which has a similar interactive soundtrack.

Keep an eye out for other recent games that have become rare. When Tetris DS went out of print, auction prices skyrocketed.

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