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Top 10 (rare) Video Game Original Soundtrack

April 24th, 2010 by admin

Rare Video Game OSTI thought I’d do something a little different today, and cover video game soundtrack CDs. To me, specialty items and accessories are just as fun to collect as the games themselves.

Now just to clarify, this list is based on rarity, not quality. As we all know, rare doesSuper Mario Land Original Sound Track not necessarily mean good. I would like to do an extensive review of video game OSTs, but for that i would need to first obtain said OSTs.

When you get into specialty items, rarity becomes vague. As usual, I began research ebay prices – giving priority to items that have actually sold. That’s where I ran into problems – a plethora of video game soundtracks on ebay, almost none that have actually sold. SO, the prices below are an average, and the stars * denote likeliness to actually obtain that price.

Super Mario RPG  OST – $399
Super Mario World OST – $200
Super Mario Land OST – $150 JP (watch for fakes!)
Super Mario Bros. 3 OST  - $119 JP
Final Fantasy XIII Limited Soundtrack – $90 *
Super Mario 64 OST – $40 (CD or cassette!)*
Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver OST – $40 **
Club Nintendo Ultra Super Deluxe OST – $30 **
Club Nintendo Mario & Luigi RPG Sound Selection OST – $25 *
Bioschock 2 Limited Vinyl Soundtrack – $25**
Legend of Zelda Windwakwer OST – $15 ***

Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe Original SoundtrackReally this is just a sampling of whats out there, and some of the more interesting titles. The rarest stuff will probably be from lesser known games – but will there be any demand for those soundtracks? Probably not, considering theres almost no interest buying interest in the first 4 games on this list.

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