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Pawn shop finds – Rare Atari Games

July 10th, 2010 by admin

Atari Games - Medium Rare to RareI stepped into a pawn shop while getting my car’s AC fixed. I was looking for something specific for NES when I noticed a cardboard box full of atari games. I asked to look, even though I’m used to seeing the standard Pac-Mans and Combats and not much else. Mixed in with the chaff I found these 3 games, Dice Puzzle, Porky’s, and Name This Game.

Of those, Porky’s and Name This Game are both about a Rarity 4 on Atari Age. Worth the $3 I paid for them, but not a whole heck of a lot more. Dice Puzzle on the other hand is a Rarity 6, and is made by Panda Inc. Panda Inc. made ripoff copies of other games, and bad ones at that. Dice Puzzle was one of their few original titles, but it still sucked.

Dice Puzzle

Rarity 6 - Made by Panda Inc. maker of crappy games.

One interesting fact about Panda games is that most of them only had end labels. You can tell from the photo that there is no main label, and no evidence that there ever was one. This is completely normal for Dice Puzzle.

The value of these games is often determined by the quality of the end label. The labels used to be black, but were printed with crappy ink, and so are often discolored. Mines not great, but I’ve seen worse.

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  1. Retro Gaming vault

    That’s awesome. I love the feel of finding not so common games when I am out digging around!

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