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Best Video Game Inspired Art – Part 1

January 8th, 2011 by admin

I thought it was high time I featured some of the awesome game inspired art that’s out there. Game art itself can be amazing, but I love seeing what players come up with when their creativity runs wild with their favorite games. Without further ado, my first game art round up.

This first is one of my favorites, a Mario inspired digital painting by Orioto. He has a lot of great video game art, so check out his gallery.
Video Game Inspired Art - Lava Ballad by Orioto

I only recently found this one. I thought it was a great re-interpretation of cute and cuddly Youshi.
Video Game Inspired Art - Yoshi by 7734-01

A creative 3D take on a video game classic. Plus, it’s a wallpaper!
Video Game Inspired Art - Pacman Wallpaper by Poked Studio

My good friend Jameson9101322 created this excellent rendering of Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series.
Video Game Inspired Art - Bloodstain by Jameson9101322

This, apparently is a traditional acrylic painting. It depicts the crossover between the Dig Dug world and the Animal Crossing World. I LOVE it! I want a print of this…
Video Game Inspired Art - Crossing Over by Iam8bit

Another beautiful Orioto. Many people agree that Zelda is one of the most moving franchise, and this piece accurately depicts the mood of a young boy just charged with saving the world.
Video Game Inspired Art - Through The Night by Orioto

I’ll be doing more of these round ups so if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

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