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Sonic Chaos – Sega Master System

February 5th, 2011 by admin
Sonic Chaos - Sega Master System - box art

Sonic Chaos - Sega Master System

Snowed in and nothing to do means we’re playing retro games.

We picked out Sonic Chaos, which is one of my favorites for the Master System. This Sonic game plays much like its Genesis counterparts, with a few exceptions. Chiefly, it’s MUCH easier – with an abundance of rings and secret 1-ups, its rare to ever see the game over screen. Playing as Tails makes the game even easier, with his flying ability and extra lives, but the downside is you can’t collect any chaos emeralds. It’s the perfect game to power through in a couple hours. You have fun doing it, and at the end feel you’ve accomplished something.

Chaos is fun, even if it is on the easy side. So why, then, wasn’t it able to compete with Mario? There were 4 Sonic releases on the Master System, and none of them were released until 1991. Thats 6 years after the first Super Mario – by this time, we’re already playing Mario 3, the depth of which is far beyond that of the Master System Sonic games. Not to mention, Sonic for Genesis also came out at this time, so unless Master System was all you had, you weren’t playing these games.

Why did Sega continue to publish and produce games for a system on it’s way out? Sonic Chaos Screenshot

It just so happened that Sega had also released it’s handheld, the Game Gear during this time. The game gear used the same hardware that was in the Master System. This was a smart move on Sega’s part; Master System games could be ported, and new titles could be released on both systems, so they could continue selling to their Master System base.

So going back to Sonic Chaos:
Decent graphics and interesting levels make this game fun to play and will keep you coming back to find all the routes and secrets. Some may find the levels too easy, which is true, but I happen to like games that I can beat without cheating.

Sonic Chaos - Sega Master System Screenshot

Rings Galore

Rarity wise, Chaos is nothing special, fetching $8 – $15 on the Master System and $5 on Game Gear. That being said, it’s not easy to track down a copy, so grab it if you see it.

  • Graphics:   4
  • Sound:        3
  • Controls:     4
  • Fun:             5
  • Value:          3
  • Total:         3.8

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