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Rarest Gamecube Game – is a sports title?

February 11th, 2010 by admin
NCAA College Basketball 2k3 for Gamecube

NCAA College Basketball 2k3 for Gamecube

NCAA College Basketball 2K3 – while it may not be THE rarest game on the system, it is fairly uncommon, and still fetches $50 or more on ebay. Pretty impressive when every other sports game is in the bargain bin. So what’s so special about this one? For one, it sold poorly. A college sports title on the gamecube? What were they thinking. But to make matters worse, Sega pulled the plug on the whole 2K series shortly after it’s release.

From a collectors standpoint, I’m certainly not going to run out and get this as soon as possible, I mean come on, it’s a college sports game. But if I happen to see it at a pawnshop, you better believe I’ll pay 5 bucks for it.

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  1. TV Gossip

    Why jesus allows this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.

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