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Tax Avoiders = Fun Avoiders?

February 10th, 2010 by admin

Tax Avoiders - Atari 2600, Medium Rare

This one comes from my personal collection:
TAX AVOIDERS – for the Atari 2600

This game was apparently written by an IRS agent. It is considered rare (rarity 5) on Atari Age, although you can pick it up for about $20 on ebay. I got mine from a comic convention for a few bucks :)

Well, the other night I thought I’d pop this sucker in my Atari and give it a try. After all, wit
h slick cartridge graphics how can you go wrong? Well…you can. Tax Avoiders has some of the dullest gameplay I’ve ever seen. There are basically 2 levels that alternate back and forth. In the first, you collect dollar signs and avoid “red tape” which i think look kind of like meat.

Tax Avoiders Screenshot

Tax Avoiders Screenshot

Then the Tax Man commeth! and your taken to another level with some ladders, where you try to avoid the IRS agent. The gameplay is incredibly dull and repetetive, and can be mastered in minutes. There is no difficulty ramp or alternate game modes. To think at one time people probably paid $30 to $40 bucks for this at K-Mart.

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